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NameCommittee Chair
NameCommittee Chair
Andrea Sisco  
Rocky Sisco  
Brenda Gibson Car Seat Check 
Andree Sisco Fundraising 
Linda Ulrich Respect for Law 
Bruce Quantic Scholarship Programs 
Shonda Koozer Student of the Year 
Judy Morris Junior Golf 
Jim Morris Junior Golf 
Tom Nickel Fellowship and Programs 
Stephen Porter  
Lance Kellenbarger  
Lois Landwehr Zollinger Park, Community 
Michael Morland  
Tom Gibson  
Fred Wilken  
Cecil Cunday  Conventions, Club Expenses, International Foundation 
Evan Watson  
Angee Sisco Operation Holiday, Prom Project 
Kara Kingsley Publicity and Equipment, Prom Project 
Showing 20 items